Alien Planet

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The working title "Alien Planet" refers to a game idea.

Main Guidelines

  • real-time strategy
  • backend in some open language on a web server, should be easy to install elsewhere
  • frontend run in browser with HTML5+CSS3+JS
  • single-player (scenarios and/against AI opponents) and multi-player possible
  • futuristic humans landing on an alien planet
  • building up settlements
  • fighting beasts, raiders, perhaps alien settlers
  • influences from Dune II, AoE2 and Star Trek


  • Resources: wood, stone, metals?, water, food?; energy
    • Need to care that we don't have too many as we want to keep game play simple enough
    • No money or equivalent, this is a Star-Trek-human-like society, if any commerce is needed, it's exchanging goods
  • Unit types: settlers, soldiers(?), vehicles, aerospace
    • Settlers are being trained to be (able to be) soldiers, operate vehicles, etc.
  • Building types: infrastructure, military