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Fair. Play. Profit.


  • Games should not get into boring repetitiveness.
  • If games stop being fun to play, they are not worth playing.
  • If a game is a random-powered slot machine for items, say so. Don't let game play be reduced to gambling if it's not the main objective.
  • Free players are potential future customers - remind them of paid features but don't annoy them.
  • Give free players limited access to paid features from time to time so they experience what the worth of "VIP" etc. actually is.
  • Make games fun for a broad spectrum of daily time availability of players (5 min per day, 1h every few days, a few hours per weekend, or hours per day).
  • Quality is not optional, it's part of keeping players engaged.
  • Stay in dialog with the more engaged players.
  • Play your games yourself.
  • Provide a convenient bug/task tracker that is open to players.
  • Avoid UI pieces that flash to attract attention when there's no immediate non-paid action for players to take there.
  • Don't have a whole collection of different currencies for different stores within one game unless there's exchanges and good game stories behind them.
  • Leave room for individuality and exploration.