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Lantea is a fictional (Stargate: Atlantis) mostly-ocean planet on which the Ancients erected the artificial "island" city of Atlantis.

The Lantea concept is a web app for mapping and tracking that is targeted to run on B2G, but can run anywhere on modern browsers.

Currently, a Lantea Maps web app is hosted at and listed in the Mozilla Marketplace.

Base technologies:

  • OpenStreetMap tiles - for rendering maps (should be parameterized so that alternative tiles like Google Maps/Satellite can also be used later on)
  • Geolocation - esp. watchPosition() for tracking positions
  • indexedDB - for saving settings, current track, etc.
  • appCache - for locally caching resources so the app can be used offline
  • canvas - for displaying tiles and painting position/tracks
  • GPX format - for downloading tracks / storing them externally


  • Canvas Slippy Map - a simple canvas-based OpenStreetMap map display
  • Slippy Map On Canvas - a more elaborate canvas-based OpenStreetMap web app that can do e.g. touch events for panning and has zoom buttons
  • Mappero (a.k.a. maemo-mapper) - a Maemo app that solved well what the Lantea app should provide on an HTML base
  • OsmAnd - an Android app that is similar