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The game with the working title "Planet Fox" is an augmented reality game designed to help collection of Mozilla Location Service (MLS) data. This is a raw concept idea, nothing set in stone or planned to be implemented at this time.

While using elements from the real world like GPS/MLS data and possibly some OpenStreetMap (OSM) points/tags, the game reality plays on an alien planet.

Basic story line: Players land on the alien planet, collect resources and try to help the Alliance of their choice to conquer this planet.

3 Alliances: Groundfoxes, Fireminers, Spacedusters - prefer ground, underground, skyscraping environments

3 Raw resources: Clay, Ore, Cosmic Particles (correspond directly to [system-wide-unique/month] locations, wifi APs, celltowers)

  • Maybe we need to go for week instead of month, and we'll need to define the radius of a "unique" location.

Refined to Metal, Bricks, Energy in refining stations (need nice names) that can be built and used by any members of an alliance.

  • Factors between raw and refined resouces take away uneven distribution of raw resources.
  • Need to be physically in influence area of a refinary of own alliance to convert raw to refined resources (instantly? or defined speed?).
  • Refining stations can be built in any place where the raw resource is appearing, but with limited density depending on influence areas.

Buildings can be created, belong to the alliance and make it stronger.

  • They need all 3 refined resources to be built (varying amounts for different buildings, more of alliance-own resource).
  • Examples are makets (Tower of Commerce, etc.) for "cheaper" trade, buildings increasing refining efficiency in some radius or just strengthening the alliance.
  • Locations where buildings can be created are not random, but decided by game leadership, probably based on places that have certain OpenStreetMap tags defined. All players can see places that allow creation of buildings.

Players start collecting raw resources immediately, independent of alliances, cannot do much more than view the world and collect.

  • Can we make the game servers ignorant of actual stumbler data and have geolocation servers only tell them the relevant stats?
  • They can "buy" themselves into an alliance by donating some amount of raw resources to it (instantly returned in refined form?).
  • Refined primary resource can be used to create a transformer unit (name/s?), most actions need those transformer units.
  • Contributing to the game lets players advance in technology levels (they start at a basic one).


  • 1 transformer unit for building refinary, 1 for destroying refinary of a different alliance.
  • Buildings need multiple transformer units from multiple people to build or attack/destroy.
  • Shields for refinaries and buildings can be constructed with transformer units.
  • Buildings and shields might need at least one transformer unit from a player with high enough technology level, refinaries need basic level only.
  • Trade of raw and refined resources is always possible between alliances (player <-> alliance?) at a basic level (fixed rate?). Normally, an alliance will trade away foreign raw resources and own refined resource for foreign refined ones.
  • Withdrawal from an alliance requires donating all current resources to the old alliance. Then the player is independent again (keeps tech level) amd needs to earn the basic raw resources to join ("buy into") a different alliance.