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The Rhine-Main-Danube channel connects different waterways to a large network bringing together transportation infrastructure for people from the Black Sea to the North Sea and in extension the Atlantic.

The tool using this code name is a universal communications (messaging/information/communication/notification management) add-on that runs in browser tabs.

== Items ==

Something like "messages".

* Primary Info - fixed table: subject, source, author, target, ID, status, read
** source+ID combination is unique
* Full Body - text bodies with fulltext index: ID, text, (headers block?)
* Meta Info - freeform metadata: ID, type, value


Similar to "accounts" in Thunderbird, source engines ("account types" are pluggable.

* Source: UID (internal), name, engine, parent
** name+parent combination is unique
* Source Meta: freeform metadata

Virtual folders are sources of a special engine.

== Contacts ==

Using Contacts add-on (pluggable?)

== Display Structure ==

Pluggable engines for:
* folder tree
* tabs
* list view
* item display


Defaults included in the base implementation, more can be added on.

* Folder:
** source-based hierarchical
* Tabs:
** 3pane (folder + list + item)
** item (standalone message)
* source:
** feed
** local?
** twitter / status.net
** virtual folder / query
** ...
* list
** simple (tree)
** text-in-list (esp. for twitter, etc. - rich list)
* item display:
** full
** plain?
** simplified?

=== Implementation Notes ===

  • Base XUL: loads utilities, dynamically loads pluggable tab as overlay
  • List: dynamically loaded as overlays
  • Source, Folder, Item: dynamically loaded as JS

== Open Questions